"The time is drawing nigh when we will have something to do. That grand and glorious ladies Ram will be completed in a few days and our company is going to take charge of it, and then you may listen out to here of the Bartow Artillery doing some exertion though you may think long of time. There is one thing about it, we are getting very tired laying around hear of the ladies gun boat and the Bartow Boys making things wake up as not been realised yet."

Muster Roll "BARTOW ARTILLERY" 1861-1865

Adams, T.J. Alford, O. Hannibal Allen, F.W. Allen, J.E. Anderson, W.B. Andrews, R.M. Auten, R.M. Barnett, G.V. Barnett, J.J. Bailey, W.W. Bates, D.W. Bates, W.T. Baughan, A.J. Beasley, J.J. Beasley, J.M. Bechtem, Hiram Bennett, Abner* Bennett, Andrew* Bennett, Martin L.* Bernhard, Henry M. Bertody, Thomas D. Bethune, Dill M.* Bethune, P.M.* Bestill, John Bestill, William Biles, Anderson J.*+ Boyle, J.M. Bridges, E.R. Bright, George W.* Brooks, F.(T) M. Brown, Mike Buntyn, Frank* Buntyn, Morgan* Burford, Samuel H. Burke, Morris Butler, T.H. Cagle, J.H. Callaway, J.D. Camp, J.T. Campbell, C.C. Campbell, Jesse M. Campbell W.W. Cannon, L.W. Cauthen, G.B. Chambers, J.J. Chambers, S.D. Chambers, W.T. Chandlar, Stephen P.+ Chappell, J.B. Clarke, A.B. Clarke, Charles H. Clarke, Robert Clements, J.W. Clinton, W.E. Compton, J.D. Cook, G.W. Corley, George W.* Corley, J.J.* Corley, William A.* Corley, Willis B.* Corley, William* Cox, J.J. Crawley, D.L. Crawley, James L. Crices, W.J. Crumbley,Alexander Darsey, J.C.* Darsey, R.M.* Darsey, W.H.* Davis, John O. Davis, James M. Dodds, George T. Dorrell, Charles Jill Downs, N. Duffie, Benjamin F. Duke, William Marshall* Duke, Martin Luther* Duke, Samuel Milton* Entrekin, John N. Entrekin, W.C. Foster, J.P. Galoglay, James Garner, John P.* Garner, Richard Henry* Goins, David F. Goodman, J.A. Gossett, John M.C.* Groce, G.S. Hale, Joseph Halstead, E. P. Hancock, , G.T. Head, T.J. Head, W.C. Helms, Henry Helms, James J. Hendrick, Elisha Henson, J.F.+ Henson, W.S.+ Holder, W.T. Howell, John S.* Horeau, Patrick Jackson, H. Johnson, M.D. Jones, J.S. Jones, W.L. Judge, T.A. Kendrick, S.C. Kendrick, Thomas J. Kerlin, Thomas s. Key, H.G. Key, John B. Knott, John S. Lanford, J.R. LaPradd, Joseph C. LaPradd, J.R. Linsay, J.H. Lindsey W.J. Lovern, R.D. Lowe, J.H. Madden, Dennis Madden, H.F. Madden James B. C. Madden, J.F. Madden, W.L. Maddow, G. A. McClendon, J.M. McClendon, W.A. McElory, E.A.+ Mangham, W.R.+ Middlebrook, J.W. Middlebrook, Nathan Miller, B.N. Miller, J.P. Milner, Richard Moody, H.J. Moon, James+ Moon, J.A. Moon, R.B. Moon, T.J. Moon, W.L. Moore, A.C. Moore, W.C. Moulder, J.B. Moulton, N.J. Nall, L.B. Niles, George R. Nipper, C.B. Norton, B.F. Owens, S.B. Parker, J.H. Phelps, Sylvester Pool, Benjamin D. Pryor, R.C. Pryor, Thomas J. Ranson, J.M. Reeves, Amos W.+ Reeves, James T.+ Reeves, J.A.+ Reeves, W.W.+ Richardson, James* Richardson, J.A. Roberts, B.W. Ryan, Lawrence C. Sharpe, T.E. Simonton. W.T. Skinner, Pleasant Smith, J.W. Speer, G.A. Starr, B.F. Starr, D.E. Starr, J.H. Stearns, Benjamin R.* Stewart, R.M. Stubbs, Hubbard* Swint, Edmund Swint, G.W. Touchstone James L. Vaughn, C.P. Vaughn, J.T. Vaughn, J.W. Vaughn, W.H.H. Weaver, William F. Weldon, Thomas W.+ Wiggers, G.D. Wiggers, H.J.(G) Wiggers, L.M. William, Charles M. Winter, Issac Wise, J.D.R. Wood, James J. Wooten, A.A. Wright, Able A. Youngblood, C.T. *See Descendants Page below! +See Guestbook on First Page! #Added to roll by Decendent

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