The Presentation of the Flag of the Bartow Artillery to the Georgia State Capitol Museum

Hosted by:

Griffin-Spalding Historical Society

Bailey-Tebault House Griffin Georgia April 21, 1999

Color Guard from Old Fort Jackson, Savannah, Georgia

Captain Philip R. Brinson Sergeant Howard Williams Danny Grissette Patrick Rockwell

Mrs. Jean Murray of Zebulon, whose husband's great-grandfather was a member of the Bartow Artillery, greeting guests and decendents.

Guests and decendents getting aquainted before the presentation. To the left, Ms. Dorothy Olson, Museum Director for the Georgia State Capitol.

Guest getting seated for the program. Man sitting to the right in white shirt is Commander Eddie J. Lanham of the SCV Sharpshooters Camp in Sharpsburg, Ga.

Ms. Annette Mouchet President, Griffin-Spalding Historical Society Introduction

Mr. J. P. Jennings, Jr., Historian, Griffin-Spalding Historical Society, officially presents Ms. Dorothy Olson Director of the Georgia State Museum with paper giving the museum the Bartow Artillery Flag.

Coastal Heritage Society presents the Griffin-Spalding Historical Society with an actual cannon ball found at Old Fort Jackson where the Bartow Artillery was.

After the presentation the GSHS serves refeshments.

Descendents meet and greet.

Bartow descendent David Corley shows replicas of the "Bartow Artillery Flag"

The event ends with the sound of Taps.

Edward J. Lanham (R) Commander of the Sharpsburg, Ga. SCV Camp and Robert H. Kerlin (L) Commander of the Fayettville, Ga. SCV Camp are working on a project to locate the grave of all members of the Bartow Artillery. Anyone with information please post it on our message board here. Or email Webmaster,

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